User’s Guide


setupSetup is launched automatically the first time the Retireator Workbook is opened and macros are enabled.  It is necessary to run Setup at least one time to set important Simulation Parameters.  To re-run Setup, it can be launched from the Excel Add-Ins/Retireator menu at any time.  The Parameter Mode  can be set to Basic or Advanced.  Beginners should choose the Basic setting, and migrate to the Advanced setting later.  Choose the Current Date Synchronize setting to update the simulation Current Date to the system date whenever Setup is re-run.  At that time, you will have the option to update your savings balances for the date change.  Clear this setting to keep the simulation Current Date fixed.  There is an interview process at the bottom of Setup which will customize the simulation features based upon the user’s selections.



dashboardThe Retireator Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of the simulation results.   It allows you to manually set a Retirement Date, or “solve” it using the Retireate button.  The Dashboard log window compares the results of each Retireate command.  This allows you to make adjustments to the SImulation Paramters, then re-run Retirate to evaluate any difference.  The calculated “Savings Goal” indicates the funds needed to cover all the savings withdrawals for all the retirement years accounting for taxes, inflation, and portfolio rate of return.  Tap the chart thumbnail to link to the full-size chart sheet in the workbook.